FIT Warrior Ambassadors

Join #teamfitwarrior — become a brand Ambassador with us.

Free FIT WARRIOR tank or t-shirt

As a FIT Warrior Ambassador you’ll represent FIT WARRIOR Products, primarily on social media by displaying your referral link and 20% OFF discount code in your bio’s and posts.

You’ll also get 10% commissions (in FIT POINTS) of all sales that are made using your Ambassador’s code OR referral link — that’s ALL sales: yours, your friends, followers, etc.

Whenever you use your Ambassador discount code for your own purchases…


  • 20% Off our already very competitive prices
  • + 10% back in purchase FIT Points
  • + 10% back in (self)referral FIT Points!


  • FREE FIT WARRIOR Tank or Tee on Ambassador approval
  • BONUS FIT WARRIOR Gear we give to social media "over achievers"

FUN FACT: About half of ALL our transactions are #teamfitwarrior Ambassadors redeeming points for 100% FREE products!!


STEP 1)  Sign-up for a free FIT Warrior account. You’ll automatically receive your referral link — like this:

STEP 2)  Show off your referral link. Add your referral link to Instagram, Facebook, etc (example below).

STEP 3)  Complete your FIT Profile.

STEP 4)  Click APPLY below. Click the ‘APPLY’ button below (it’s active only for logged in members) and complete the application.

button not active – please login or sign up to activate

We’re looking for inspirers! Fitness enthusiasts on a mission! Real women with real stories. Fitness warriors! Women who work hard every day to achieve their goals and be their best. We’re all on different points in our FIT journey… but we’re all on the same journey. This is what we’re About! Don’t wait to arrive at some magic number or mirror-reflection to apply! If you love fitness, have a fit story to tell, and desire to inspire, we want you.

Example: Sharing FIT WARRIOR referral link and discount code on Instagram
Example: Sharing FIT WARRIOR referral link and discount code on Instagram

#teamfitwarrior Ambassadors must be women (for now) 18 and older. Since we currently ship only within the U.S. it’s limited to U.S. residents. You must complete the application and be approved — not everyone who applies is approved.

#teamfitwarrior FAQ

Q: How does the 20% OFF code work?

A: Approved #teamfitwarrior Ambassadors receive their custom 20% OFF discount code via email. It’s a coupon code (like ‘ERICA20’) that gets entered into the coupon box during Checkout. Your friends & followers can use it, as well as you, to save 20% on all purchases. After purchase, 10% of the order amount is credited (in referral FIT POINTS) to your account whenever your custom referral link or discount code is used. Tell your friends and followers to use your discount code AND also click your referral link when making a purchase.

Q: Can I use my 20% OFF Ambassador code with other coupons and promos?

A: Usually only one coupon/promo code can be entered during checkout (including stack promo codes, Ambassador discount codes, and FIT Point redemptions), but you can remove and switch out codes to use the one with the highest reward. Remember (and remind others) to always use your custom referral link (get your link) when visiting the site and making a puchase — this ensures you get your 10% referral FIT Points even if your Ambassador discount code isn’t used. And remember you always get an additional 10% back in purchase FIT Points with every purchase you make.

Q: Is there a charge to join the #teamfitwarrior Ambassador program?

A: No.

Q: Can I join if I’m already an ambassador or rep for a different company?

A: We do not require exclusivity. You are welcome to partner with other great companies.