Sports Nutrition Wholesale Program for Gyms & Shops

Feeling the profit pinch? Grow your sales, pad your bottom-line with extra profit, and increase overall member satisfaction by adding a great-selling line of Sports Nutritional supplements to your sales mix. "The global sports nutrition market accounted for $28.37 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $45.27 billion by 2022, growing at a rate of around 8.1% between 2017 and 2022" (Zion Market Research).

Get your share!   Don’t leave extra revenue & profit on the table!

FIT Warrior’s Sports Nutrition Wholesale program allows gyms, shops, and other resellers to purchase our full line of premium Sports Nutrition products in bulk at wholesale pricing.

Choose one of our 4 pre-discounted starter packages below containing our top-selling products, based on your sales goals and expectations. Alternatively, build your own custom package at the same 35%-off discount pricing.

Add a pre-discounted starter package to your Cart, then click View Cart

FIT Warrior Sports Nutrition, Complete Wholesale Line

– OR –

Build your own package:

  • Contact us to get your Wholesale Discount Code
  • Select products and quantities from our Shop page (20 units minimum)
  • Enter your discount code at Checkout

Either way you choose to start, you will receive a personal FIT Warrior Sports Nutrition Wholesale Discount Code allowing you to re-order at any time, whatever products and quantities you like, from our Shop page at our wholesale discount pricing (20 units minimum).

FIT Warrior Silicone Wristband, red-black or pink-black acyrlic-sign-holder

Included FREE with every first-time wholesale order:

  • 3 x 3-ft. banners
  • 4 x 8×11 in. laminated posters
  • 3″x2″ shelf signs for each product
  • 1 acrylic holder for after-hours product purchase forms (if applicable)
  • 50 promo FIT Warrior wrist bands

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Gym Managers, Shop Owners… Join FIT Warrior’s Wholesale Program now and sell our great Sports Nutrition products at excellent margins 📈 .🔥 Proven sales record in gyms & shops .⚡ Samples & references available .🔥 No-risk Return Program .⚡ Low minimums: 20 pieces .🔥 Rewards Program: 10% back in FIT Points . .🚀 Msg us for your Wholesale Discount Code now .🎯 Visit for more info, or email . #sportsnutrition #supplements #wholesale #bulksupplements #protein #whey #casein #eggprotein #veganprotein #bcaas #preworkout #cla #creatine #glutamine #carnitine #nitricoxide #dasparticacid #multivitamins #detox #energydrinks #anytimefitness #24hourfitness #goodlifefitness #lafitness #snapfitness #goldsgym #planetfitness #worldgym #fitwarrior #teamfitwarrior

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Limited-Time Offer

Get 6 FREE FIT Warrior Blender Bottles or Gym Duffels (or 3 of each) when you place your first order!

FREE 28 oz Blender Bottle Free Gym Duffel Bag Buy Any 2 Supplements Get a FREE Blender Bottle or Gym Duffel

So you can run a "Buy any 2 Supplements, Get a FREE Blender Bottle or Gym Bag" promo giveaway!

A great way to kick off your FIT Warrior Sports Nutrition sales!

Specify bags and/or bottle qty’s at Checkout.

($450 minimimum order)

Shelf Replenishment

After your initial order, replenishment is easy! Just visit our Shop page any time, add items to your cart (20 piece min.), and enter your Wholesale Discount Code. Alternatively, you can email your order to, or call in your order to (877) 435-0002.

Sports Nutrition Wholesale Program F.A.Q.

Q: How well does your product sell?

A: Our products sell in every location they’re in. But the locations that see real revenue & profit have a particular staff or manager who actively promotes the product to members/customers.

Q: How do you ensure product quality? What are your sources?

A: All FIT WARRIOR™ products are made in the USA in FDA-regulated and cGMP- & NSF-Certified facilities, are third-party inspected and tested, and are guaranteed for consistency, purity, strength, and quality. Facility Certifications, as well as FDA-required Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) are on file for every product. It is noteworthy that all our products are also sold on Amazon, which has strict requirements for supplement manufacturers and distributors.

Q: How do I decide retail pricing for my customers?

A: You will receive a sign kit with your first order that includes two 3-ft. banners, four 8×11 in. laminated posters, and 3″x2″ shelf signs for each individual product. These shelf signs reflect the retail prices you see here on our website. These retails were carefully selected after intensive market research, and reflect our commitment to sell higher-end products at mid-level price points. Selling our products at these prices yields the gym or shop a solid profit margin; however, you are free of course to adjust pricing if your programs or demographic warrants higher or lower margins.

Q: Do you offer consignment?

A: No – no one in the industry does. However, our 100% Product Guarantee allows our customers to return any products at any time for any reason, providing the same safety net and level of comfort as a consignment program. We know of no one else in the industry that provides this level of return guarantee.

Q: How fast is shipping and how much does it cost?

A: Orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped immediately using USPS Priority® 2-3 Day Mail. Shipping charge varies by weight & destination. Package A, for example, ships at around $30. Our average wholesale order ships between $50-100. Exact shipping charges appear on the Cart page after adding your package/products to your cart and entering a zip code. We never make a profit on shipping (we actually lose due to setting our shipping calculator at the friendliest settings). We also have a $200 cap in place so shipping even a full truck of product never exceeds $200. Note we currently ship only within the US (incl. Alaska and Hawaii).

Q: How does your return program work?

A: Our ‘No Risk’ Product Guarantee Program means you can return any products for any reasons at any time.

Q: How does your rewards program work?

A: Our FIT Points Rewards program is very simple: buyers get 10% back in account credit for every dollar spent. These FIT Points can be used during subsequent purchases.

Q: When do I pay and what forms of payment do you accept?

A: Payment is usually expected at time of order, and is handled here on our SSL-encrypted website. Payment options include Square (major credit & debit cards) and PayPal. If invoicing or payment by check is needed by your organization, you can order using our Wholesale Packages Worksheet (Open and save as Excel if needed) and email your order to We will then send you an invoice that you can pay by check.

Q: Do you provide display shelving?

A: If you need shelves to merchandise our product, our recommended shelving units in use in many locations are available on Amazon (links below). Due to shipping weight and costs, ordering directly via Amazon is your best solution:

About FIT Warrior™

We began in 2015 with a passion for fitness and to inspire the inner-warrior in every person who makes the effort to chase after their personal best. We worked hard to bring a top-tier line of Sports Nutritional products to the industry at competitive prices. Our products are sold through our website, on Amazon, and in gyms & shops around the U.S. Learn more on our About page.

FIT WARRIOR™   products are:

  • Third-party inspected and tested
  • Made in the USA in a cGMP & NSF Certified Facility
  • Guaranteed consistency, purity, strength, and quality
money back gaurantee

No Hassle Returns & Exchanges