12-Week FIT Warrior Challenge


Start a 12-Week Self-Improvement Challenge!

A fun and accountable way to reach your fit goals, while getting feedback, followers and friends from the FIT Warrior community!

Current Challenge Contests:

#SummerBod2017 - 12-week Challenge
$500 CASH + any Stack
Entry window:
April 15 – June 15, 2017
Winner announced:
Friday, September 8, 2017
12-week Participation (Women & Men, 18 & up, US residents only)

We’re kicking off our new 12-Week Challenge feature — built into everyones’ new Member Profile pages — with our first #fitwarriorchallenge contest …

Participation (adding your weekly pic) for all 12 weeks is the only entry requirement. There won’t be a panel of judges, or any judging for that matter. Anyone who starts and finishes is entered to win! Participants can be men or women, must be at least 18 years of age, and U.S. residents.

All participants are entered into the contest when they begin their 12-Week Challenge, by uploading their 1st pic within the timeframe above, and checking the box: #SummerBod2017. The winner must also have at least their name, bio, profile photo, cover photo, and fit story on their ‘Profile’ tab.

Optionally, you’ll see a space to enter in the name of someone else participating – someone you refer to the site – your Challenge Accountability Partner. Participants with accountability partners automatically receive a second contest entry, doubling their chances to win.

One winner will be selected at random from all contest entries on Friday, September 8, 2017, and s/he will be promptly notified. Cash payout will be distributed via check or Paypal (winner’s choice). Winner will also receive a 100%-off promotional code for their chosen product stack set to redeem by placing their zero-cost order for the stack on our ‘Shop’ page. Winner will receive a ‘Winner’s Certificate’ in the mail with their free product stack, and agrees to post at least one permanent share on, at a minimum, Instagram (and preferrably other social media), containing a photo that shows their free stack set and themselves holding the certificate, along with a caption that describes their winning the #SummerBod2017 12-Week Challenge and also includes the hashtags #fitwarriorchallenge and #SummerBod2017. Winner also agrees to allow their FIT Profile, including their 12-Week FIT Challenge page, to be showcased on the website.

– visit your 12-Week Challenge page –

Unless otherwise noted, all #fitwarriorchallenge 12-week challenges and contests are self-guided and self-paced. You’re in the driver’s seat – keep eating clean and training hard – just share your progress pic each week so the rest of the FIT Warrior community can engage with you, and you with them!

Start your fitness journey now, if you haven’t already. Don’t wait to be contacted – just start! Looking for help and advice on all things diet and fitness? Check out our Member Directory for fit coaches, helpful #teamfitwarrior Ambassadors, and an amazing Fit Warrior member community!

Q. Why use Instagram pics?

A. To expose your challenge pics to a broader audience, and take advantage of IG’s great community & commenting system. Plus, most of us are already posting our fit pics on Instragram to increase accountability and feedback.

Q. How do I clear my Challenge?

A. Click ‘EDIT’ then clear each URL by clicking the red x’s. Or you can simply hide your profile from public view by checking that box.

Q. Can I start over or start a new Challenge?

A. Yes. Just clear the pic URL’s and change your start date 🙂

Q. Someone said they see my IG post link but no pic … ?

A. Your IG profile is probably set to ‘private’. You should either make it public (at least for a few months) or create a separate IG profile just for the 12-week Challenge.

Q. How do I grab an Instagram URL?

A. Copy & Paste, as shown below:

(1)  In a new browser tab visit your profile on www.instagram.com
(2)  Highlight the URL and COPY
12-week fit challenge 2 mobile
(3)  Return here to your your Challenge
(4)  PASTE in the URL and click the green arrow
12-week fit challenge 2
(5)  Click UPDATE at bottom of page
(1)  Open the Instagram app
(2)  Tap your chosen pic, click the Settings icon 
(3)  Tap ‘Copy Share URL’
12-week fit challenge 1 mobile
(4)  Return here to your Challenge
(5)  PASTE in the URL and click the green arrow
12-week fit challenge 2 mobile
(6)  Click UPDATE at bottom of page

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